Zapier for iMIS - Seamless Integrations for iMIS EMS

Have Never Been Easier.

Armstrong’s Zapier for iMIS (powered by iAppConnector) enables your organization to connect over 7,500 applications - many of which you are already using today - to iMIS.

It's a simple, no-code solution to replace the dated stored procedures and triggers bogging down your AMS day-to-day.

iMIS Integration Platform. 
Simplifying the Process.

Zapier and iMIS EMS empower organizations to work smarter, save time, and focus on strategic initiatives. It is our goal to pave your way to business growth and success. If you are looking for a solution to simplify your iMIS upgrade process and unlock the full potential of your data, Zapier and iMIS EMS are the combination that create the ultimate iMIS Integration Platform.


Boundless Possibilities.
Connect to Over 6,500 Apps.

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The Zapier for iMIS Advantage

Zapier for iMIS offers many compelling advantages that elevate iMIS in ways not possible before.

Unmatched Automation Capabilities
Automate a wide range of tasks, eliminating manual processes and giving you back precious time.

Streamlined Workflows 
Optimize your processes for maximum efficiency, creating a seamless flow of information across systems.

Data-Driven Insights
Improve the quality and timeliness of your data.

Effortless Integration
Easily integrate iMIS with the tools your team already uses.

Here are some of the many integrations we've done for our clients so far.


Google Workspace

Survey Monkey








And more…


The Path to No-Code Integrations

Your path to no-code integrations and automations lies in the power of APIs. The iMIS API connects to the API of your other third-party systems and in turn transfers data and performs operations you specify through simple flowchart-based workflows.