Who is GroupPay for? 

Armstrong’s GroupPay for iMIS is for Unions and Non-profit organizations that need to manage dues payments or payroll deductions for sub-groups such as chapters, regions, or affiliate organizations. 

What Does GroupPay Do? 

Group Pay is an application that allows iMIS users to apply group payments for members of chapters, locals, and other groups that are part of a non-profit associations’ database.  These transactions can be for pending membership payments, subscription payments, or recurring donor payments. 


Apply a payment
Apply a payment made by a group and have credits applied to individuals that belong to the group, and enter an activity for each individual.   

Select a group for payments
Calculate dues or payments and select a group for payment based on parameters such as individuals who have been invoiced (Action Pending) requiring payment for their subscription, and enters an activity for each record.

Suspend Members en masse
If a chapter or group has been suspended and members of that chapter cannot continue their membership through that former chapter, the option to suspend a group will create an activity for each member of the group being suspended.

How does it help my Organization? 

Bring the puzzle together! Non-profits often have different structures based on how their membership works best.  In some cases, dues may be collected by chapters, locals, or affiliate organizations such as international affiliates.  For a national organization, the process of collecting dues from a single check or payment, and distributing those funds across a swath of members can be difficult and time consuming. 

GroupPay for iMIS by Armstrong simplifies the application and distribution of large payments that cover subscriptions for multiple organizational members, reducing data entry time and the hassle of individual subscription payment management. 

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