* Armstrong Enterprise Communications President, Keith Hunter (2nd from left)

Keith Hunter addresses general session in panel discussion at AMS Fest DC 2018

Keith Hunter, President of Armstrong Enterprise Communications, was invited to speak during a general session at AMS Fest DC 2018, an event designed for association executives that are part of the Association Management System (AMS) decision making process.

Mr. Hunter noted in his segment “Ferret Out Non-Dues Revenue Using Systems You Have”, that while Associations are competing with the Internet and other non-traditional sources, Associations remain authoritative and trusted sources for information. Offering credentials such as certifications in various disciplines and topics or “soft credentials” such as certificates for course completion, can be of great value to constituents and provide a stable source of non-dues revenue for your association.

Furthermore, technologies that promote and recognize engagement levels that allow for "gamification" of engagement with engagement "badge levels", etc. increase the likelihood that members will renew and make non-dues purchases.

“Walk before you run” cautions Mr. Hunter. “Focus on managing toward key metrics you know are important to your business (Business Intelligence, or "BI").  Once this is mastered, that may be plenty of good, actionable information. If not, you can rise to more complex technologies (3-D modeling/OLAP Cubes/Artificial Intelligence) that might allow for trend analysis which involve more complexity and more commitment for dedicated management and follow through.”

Keith Hunter is Founder and President of Armstrong Enterprise Communications, a technology outsourcing, consulting, implementation, and support practice focused on the needs of associations and foundations for over 23 years. Prior to launching Armstrong, Keith had worked within the association space as a manager and director since 1986. With a focus on alignment to best-practices, Keith now helps associations leverage their investments in cloud-based technology to maximize member engagement and retention, increase revenues and operational efficiencies, decrease expense, become more agile in their operations, and align business operations with strategic goals.