What's an LMS?

A Learning Management System allows organizations to provide a method of learning in an online environment, providing content such as Videos, Courses and Documents. 

Learning Management Systems arose from onsite learning events which prove to be costly, and difficult for some to attend. 

iLMS by Armstrong is a cost effective Learning Management System that works with iMIS. 

Why go with Armstrong iLMS?

iLMS for iMIS by Armstrong is a Learning Management System integrated into iMIS.  Consult with us to find a system that suits your needs.  Online training and accreditation play a major role in trade and professional associations that allows them to:  

  • Build an accreditation program online. 
  • Lead the profession and build a reputation as a trade or industry leader, and a source of expertise. 
  • Engage and retain members an accreditation program online.

Build, Lead and Engage 
with Armstrong Learning Management Systems


  • Allow members and non-members to select exams
  • Link exams to events
  • Retake exams
  • Print certificates
  • Set exams

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