Thank you for selecting Armstrong’s Chapter Management Suite, the tool that empowers chapter administrators to manage chapter events and communications!

Chapter Management Suite allows authorized chapter administrators to access the tools in iMIS to create chapter-specific events, update details of those events, and control registration for the events.  It also allows administrators to communicate with their chapter members with auto-populating current membership lists and to view all upcoming chapter events on a calendar.

Note: This guide follows the default paths used in the installation guide.

Creating Events


Navigate to

To create the event, supply the necessary fields, including Event Title, Description, Start Date, End Date, Capacity, meeting link (if applicable), and Event Status.*


* Leaving event as Pending will prevent people from registering for the event.  Be sure to change Pending to Active when you are ready to begin accepting registrations for your event.



Click Create Event to return to the Manage Events page.  From there, select View Chapter Calendar to see the new event.

Updating Events


Navigate to




Under the EventTitle listing, select the event from the list to update.





Update the event fields as needed and select Update Event once done.  The event will update in iMIS and redirect you back to the Manage Events page.


Sending Emails

Chapter administrators will be able to communicate via email to their members and event registrants using the Communication module in ChapterLink.

Navigate to



The From email will pre-fill with the default email set in ChapterLink settings.  This can be changed to use any email address. We recommend using email domains that are set up to send from iMIS.


To, CC and Bcc fields can hold multiple email addresses so long as they are all separated by semicolons or commas.


By default, {#party.Email} is used to email all members within a chapter and is powered by the recipient query field below.


The email body supports HTML, although it is important to note that there is a limit of 4,000 characters including the HTML code.





Once you are finished, click Send Email to send the email and return back to the Manage Events page.  If your email was on the To, Cc, or Bcc, an email will arrive in your inbox shortly.